Thursday, January 17, 2013

Want, Need, Must Have

A flame sparks within you: 
i want.”

Tiny tendrils of the flame creep along the edges of your consciousness, the warmth just enough to be felt. Slowly the flame of “I want” makes inroads where other thoughts have been, moving them, burning them, the low flame of “I want” becoming a small but steady fire
I need.”

The steady fire rises to unsteady heights. Higher the flames lick, greater the area they cover, hotter they grow, the orange flames burning into blue until they throw off a white heat consuming everything in their path: 

The burning of your mind with desire for things, for security, for people, for love, for stability, for anything other than what is right now – this is a conflagration that only you can bring under control.

The conflagration begins with the simple flame of 
I want.”

The control begins with the simple peace of 
I accept.”

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