Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sick Day

I'm sick. Not ill with some dread disease that will waste my body into nothingness, not the recipient of some pestilence that has the potential to wipe out half the population. Just plain ol', everyday sick. With that most common of maladies, a cold. Now, it was bad enough that I actually had to pull over after I dropped my son off at school this morning because staying upright was no longer an option; I made it back home and tumbled straight into bed. So, not a world-shaking kind of sick, but still sick enough.

This has got me thinking about what a great life I have. When I'm sick, I go to bed, not to an office. If I have work I really need to do (like I did today), I take my laptop with me and type away while supine, interspersed with periods of shut-eye-ness. Well or ill, I have the great benefit of doing something that I love, work that brings me joy. And I get to do all of this while still being able to cart my son back and forth to school (when I'm not pulling over due to dizziness, natch).

So my thanks to the universe for sending me a small challenge that reminds me of the large blessings that pervade my life. And if you see me on the road tomorrow - watch out, I may be pulling over suddenly.