Monday, February 7, 2011


It's the "again" part of winter. It's snowing - again. It's cold and windy - again. My lips and hands are chapped - again.

When this all starts, along about December, it's all exciting and new. The cold is exhilarating, the snow is a miracle. It’s intoxicating, even joyous. But then it goes on. And on. And it continues on. Until finally it just D R A G S on. What was wondrous is now a cause of dissatisfaction or even depression.

The change, of course, Is only in our minds, or to be more precise, in our perception. We perceive the newness of cold with excitement and then project outward: “it” is exciting. When we begin to perceive that same cold with dissatisfaction, “it” becomes annoying. Really, of course, “it” isn’t different; we are.

So is this a lesson about changing our attitudes? Could be, if that’s what you need to hear today. But what I’m thinking is really just about vision: that we should notice how often (like, always) our perception drives our reaction, see the ways that we create our world – because what each of us calls “the world” is really just our perceptions of some abstract reality that may or may not exist independently. 

All that being said, there is one great and absolute truth that I can offer here today:



  1. Growing up in Minnesota helps me to appreciate how short winter is around TN. Next month will be the start of warmer weather. In MN this stuff continues into April and May. That is how I keep my perspective. Hang in there.

  2. I keep saying that Memphis is confused. It snows once, maybe two times per year here. We're up to our 4th snow in 2011, with more coming. wtf? I stopped getting excited about the snow years ago, though I tolerate it on day 1.

  3. Yes, Anonymous (but not so very), winter is short around TN. But it started earlier this year, and what there's been of it has been a lot more, well, wintery than usual. Thus the doneness. And thus the fact that I don't live in MN, seeing as how I'd be a frozen little Cynthia pop.

    Tricie, Memphis is confused. You should leave there. And move to Nashville.

  4. I'm moving to Jackson, TN. It's closer to Nashville than Memphis is at least.

    I thought of you tonight in belly dancing class. I love my new teacher, my new class. Too bad there's only 2 weeks left.